A conversation with Rutgers WR Kenny Britt

Q)How did you decide to enter the draft after your junior year at Rutgers?

Britt: With my father and my uncle and we sat down with coach Schiano.

Q)Where have you been training?

Britt: I've been in Phoenix, Arizona, at API. I improved in every aspect of my game, my speed, my strength, helped us out with the media.

Q)What did you measure at the combine?

Britt: 6-2. 218 pounds.

Q)Where there any strange questions in the interviews at the combine?

Britt: They all come in with their own crazy ideas and different kind of questions. What kind of animal, if you die, do you want to come back as, a cat or a dog? So, they're just funny questions.

Q)What did you answer? Cat or dog?

Britt: I don't like cats cause (shudder) I don't like cats. I don't like dogs cause I got bit. (So neither?) Nah.

Q)What do you want them to know about you in interviews?

Britt: I'm a likable person. I'm always smiling regardless of what happens, whether I'm sad, mad or had a bad day. I'm always smiling, I'm a person people like to be around. I'm a godly man, I'm a Christian, a newborn Christian just last year and I'm just happy to be here.

Q)How difficult is the transition from college at WR?

Britt: I know that receiver is one of the harder positions to transition into the NFL that's why I told the teams I'm willing to do anything 24/7 to improve my game, route running or ball work. It's definitely (difficult because of) the speed of the game and knowing what you're supposed to do at all times. The playbook is [bigger]. It's a different league and all the defenses you have to know as a wide receiver, not just as a quarterback.

Q)What do you consider your strengths?

Britt: I feel I'm a big, physical receiver, also I got some speed with me, that really helps me out being big and physical and also having speed.

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