Injury Report

Matt Turk continues to be the only player on the injury report with an abdominal strain. Conversely, the Colts have 16 players on their injury report, including starting defensive end Chad Bratzke who has a leg injury and is questionable.

Another defensive lineman of note, defensive end Brad
(shoulder) is also questionable. The banged up nature of the Colts could give the Jets a big competitive advantage in this game . . .


Running backs Ricky Williams and Jim Finn and linebackers Sam Sword and Marcus Washington are all listed as questionable with ankle injuries, and defensive back Brian Leigeb is questionable with a hip injury.

The Jets coaches are emphasizing to the players what a good road team the Colts are this year. They actually played better on the road than at home. They went into Philadelphia and destroyed the Eagles, and they won at Denver in overtime . . .

Herman Edwards was asked if it was tougher coaching against his former coach Dick Vermeil or his best friend Tony Dungy.
"It might be a little harder with Tony than Dick. Dick is more like a father figure to me. I've known him since I was 17. Tony has been like a brother."…

The Jets feel their home crowd last week was the best in a long time and they want more of the same this week.
"It was unbelievable [last week], it really was,' said Edwards. "We've got to keep them going. The way to do that is to come out and play good football and get them involved in the game." . . .

Last week the Jets ran a reverse to Laveranues Coles. The Packers had the
perfect defense to defend it, but the Jets didn't change the call. They figured Coles is so good at improvising, he could make it work. He certainly
did. Coles reversed field and took it 20 yards.
Paul Hackett isn't a big fan of audibles. He likes to stick with the play-call and make it work regardless of the defense. So this game will
feature conflicting styles on offense because the Colts audible almost every play.

"[Manning] has to be tired at the end of the game because he uses a lot of
energy with all those hand-signals," said Edwards . . .

Edwards thinks Pennington's performance against Green Bay was his finest
performance of the season with the San Diego game second.

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