Who is better Clemens or Sanchez?

So who is the better QB prospect, USC's Mark Sanchez or Jets signal-caller Kellen Clemens. We posed that question to long-time NFL scout Tom Marino and Scout.com draft guru Chris Steuber, and here is what each had to say.

"I like what I've seen of Sanchez, but also realize that he has faced little in the way in adversity as a college player," said Marino. "How well would he have done if he were at Utah State or Indiana? He has some very good people around him at USC.

"They are similar in style but I think Sanchez can throw on the move better. I don't like the fact that Sanchez only started one season. He also had an off the field problem after his frosh season which I'm sure will be scrutinized over the next month.

I think Sanchez is the better prospect."

"You're talking about two different players right there," said Steuber. "Sanchez is on another level as far as prospect status. Clemens was a solid prospect out of Oregon, but he had his flaws. He has a strong arm, but his decision-making has always been questioned. Sanchez just doesn't have the experience scouts like to see. But as far as his polish and understanding of the game, there's no comparison between the two."

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