Media criticism of moving TC a little unfair

The Jets are receiving some criticism for looking to have their training camp to Upstate New York.

The reason for this decision is because Rex Ryan wants to take his team to a remote location to help promote unity and focus.

Do the reporters want Woody Johnson to tell him he can't?

Some scribes have intimated that this move is a waste of money in a bad economy. Well how do we know this move is going to cost the Jets more money than having their camp in Florham Park?

First of all, they are going to have to find a hotel to house the players in the Florham Park area anyway, so if they put them in college dorms at some New York location, they could end up saving money.

Of course they could make a deal with Farleigh Dickinson in Madison for their dorms. But whether it's dorms at FDU or in Upstate New York, it's going to be in the same financial ballpark.

Secondly, the Jets have no stands or parking set up in Florham Park. If they went to a college with a stadium and plenty of parking lots, they can save money.

But don't get me wrong, this isn't being done to save money, it's at the behest of the head coach who wants to take the old school approach of taking his team away for camp. If might end up being a wash for the Jets financially.

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