Maryland TE Gronkowski perfect in mid-rounds

Maryland's 6-5, 255-pound TE Dan Gronkowski would be a perfect middle round pick for the Jets, perhaps in the fourth. They need a blocking tight end, and he's one of the best in this year's draft. He's also an honor student, so he will be able to pick up a system fast -

Q)Dan, where do you expect to be picked?

Gronkowski: I've been to told a wide range, so I have no idea.

I've heard stuff from the third round all the way to free agency.

Q)Do you think your blocking has caught the eye of NFL teams?

Gronkowski: I have pretty good film, especially blocking. I've shown I'm a really good blocker.

Q)Do you need to show team's you are fast enough to function as a receiver?

Gronkowski: I've got to show them that I'm fast and I can get downfield, make plays downfield and that I have good hands.

Q)Do you think your extensive experience as a blocker gives you an advantage over other tight ends in the draft who were used more like H-backs in college?

Gronkowski: This tight end class I think is really good. There's a lot of guys my size, but a lot of them have been spread out their whole career in college, where I've been down with my hand in the ground. I think that's definitely going to give me an advantage, that's more of the NFL type tight end.

Q)You finally got a chance this year to show your talent as a pass catcher (29 catches and three touchdowns) . . .

Gronkowski: I've always made my way on the field through blocking. I had Vernon Davis there, Joey Haynos.

So that's how I got my way on the field, blocking. And they went out and made the plays.

This year all those guys were gone. I was the senior out there. They gave me a chance in the passing game and I had a pretty good year.

Q)I hear you do yoga . . .

Gronkowski: I ‘ve been doing that the last couple years in the summer, just to get more flexible. I'm really kind of a health freak with what I eat. It helps my balance, and it's real tough too. I do it twice a week over the summer. It's tough.

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