A conversation with Jarron Gilbert

Q)So, is the YouTube video of you jumping out of the shallow end of a swimming pool for real?

Gilbert: I've become a YouTube sensation. How it came about was, one day our strength coach said Adam Archuleta could jump out of a pool, and everybody was super amazed. I went out there one day – it wasn't that big a deal to me – and I just went and jumped out of the pool. I found out that I could do it, so I put it on film to make everybody else believe me.

Jumping out of the pool is cool and everything, but being a good player is a little more important than that.

Q)What did the East-West game and workouts do for you? Gilbert: It really rose my stock. Showed people I could play at the next level. I believe it did. I felt successful that week at the East-West game and hopefully the scouts will see it that way, that it was a good week.

Q)What is your best position-a 3-4 end, a 4-3 end, a tackle, what do you think?

Gilbert: I think I can play it all, honestly. I was a 4-3 end for three years, and a 4-3 D-tackle my senior year. I felt good playing each one. I've never played in a 3-4 system before but I feel I could be successful there.

Q)Do you think you'll get drafted higher than your dad (NOTE: His father is former Saints offensive tackle Daren (cq) Gilbert, second round pick in '85 by Bum Phillips)?

Gilbert: Hopefully. That would be great.

Q)How much will it help you, having a dad that played in the NFL?

Gilbert: Having a dad that played in the NFL is really helpful, especially when he's around your life. He gave me a lot of guidance and has kept me level headed through this whole process.

Q)Why San Jose State out of high school?

Gilbert: In high school I was an offensive tackle and I weighed about 230 pounds, 235, so nobody wanted me to play offensive tackle. San Jose State was the only team that recruited me. They took me as a tight end. They saw me play and they moved me to defensive line. And everything else is history.

Q)What do you need to work on?

Gilbert: Being more consistent with my technique throughout the whole game. A lot of times, depending on the opponent, I might let my technique slide. At times I can get away with it and at times I can't. Especially at the next level, I have to be sound in my technique throughout the whole game.

Q)What sort of challenges will there be in a 3-4?

Gilbert: I'm not sure. I've never played it. In the East-West game I played a 2-gap technique where I was responsible for both the A and B gap. I felt fine doing it. I had a good week of practice.

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