Veteran Savvy

In the offseason, the Jets wanted to add some veteran leadership and experience to the team. Heading into the postseason their roster has 121 playoff games worth of experience.

Head coach Herman Edwards told Chad Pennington on Thursday that he doesn't want him watching any more film before the game.


"Just go and do something," said Edwards to Pennington. "Go take your wife to dinner. Go watch a movie. Just get away from it and get ready for Sunday."


When asked if he were concerned that the ever-preparing Pennington would sneak some tapes out and watch them at home, Edwards said,


"One thing, if I tell him something, he listens. Trust me, he's listening."


According to an NFL source, if the Jets win, their next game will be either Saturday or Sunday afternoon, on the 11th or 12th of January. It was suspected that they might play in the Saturday night game, but that game will be broadcast on Fox, and will be an NFC match-up.


If The Jets beat Indianapolis and Pittsburgh beats Cleveland, Gang Green will travel to Oakland next weekend. If Cleveland were to upset Pittsburgh, they would then play at Oakland, and the Jets would play at Tennessee.


The only way the Jets will have another home game is if they wind up playing Cleveland in the AFC Championship game.


The Jets draft position for next season has not yet been determined, but we do know that they will select somewhere after the 20th pick. The first 20 picks are reserved for the non-playoff teams. Where the Jets select will be based on where they finish in the posts

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