Cook doesn't allow Cutler trade to Browns

The Cleveland Browns made a strong attempt to trade for Denver QB Jay Cutler, but the signal-caller's agent said he didn't want to play for Eric Mangini. The announcement was made by Mike Mulligan.

"The Browns might have won the sweepstakes had Cutler's agent, Bus Cook, not also represented Brett Favre," wrote Mulligan in the Chicago Sun-Times. "Mangini reportedly was willing to give up Brady Quinn in a deal for Cutler. Quinn, who played for former Patriots offensive coordinator Charlie Weis at Notre Dame, might have been a good fit in McDaniels' system. But Cook made it clear when talks began that Cutler wanted no part of Mangini, and fears that he wouldn't report to the Browns shut down that deal."

Cook also represents Brett Favre, who was the Jets' QB last year. Perhaps Favre didn't like Mangini and relayed his feelings to Cutler.

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