A conversation with Missouri TE Chase Coffman

Q)Playing the the spread offense at Kansas, what kind of blocker are you?

Coffman: I haven't done it that much, being in the spread offense at Missouri, but I think I'll get the hang of it real soon, once I start practicing it more and more.

They're definitely wondering about [my blocking]. A lot of them have seen me on film doing open-field blocking and see that can possibly transition well to being aggressive and blocking on the line of scrimmage.

"Very rarely did we get in a three-point stance, but I'm definitely willing to learn, willing to do whatever it takes to be the best in-line blocker down with my hand in the dirt, doing whatever I can.

Q)Will your lack of blocking experience hurt you in the draft?

Coffman: I wouldn't necessary say it hurts me, but it leaves the scouts or whoever is watching film possibly wondering … until I show them or they see I'm willing to learn and do whatever it takes to get into that position and be the best I can, the spread definitely leaves some questions.

Q)Can playing in the spread be an advantage over other tight ends who don't have as much route-running experience?

Coffman: Definitely … the number of catches I made gave me a huge advantage over other tight ends who were not in the spread offense because we threw the ball and spread it out and did some things they don't do. It helped me, it got my name out there, it helped the University of Missouri tremendously.

Q)How much has your father helped you as a tight end?

Coffman: It's helped me a lot. He knows where I'm coming from. Not as much the recruiting process and getting drafted, because he didn't get a scholarship (to Kansas State), he didn't get drafted in the NFL, but he definitely had a lot of experience and knows what's happening. He helps me out, telling me, 'Don't worry about this, don't worry about that,' just keep doing the things you've done to get me here in the first place.

I've been in the back yard playing catch ever since I was a young kid.

Q)Tell us about teammate Jeremy Maclin . . .

Coffman: Jeremy Maclin is a great talent, a great guy, a heck of an athlete, it's fun watching him play.

I think he'll go in the top 10. He's got what everybody sees, speed. He's quick as lightning in every single direction, he punt returns, kick returns, great receiver.

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