Peyton Manning on the Jets

The Colts' QB spoke to the New York media this week about facing Chad Pennington and the Jets.

Q.What kind of relationship do you have with Chad Pennington?

He's from Knoxville. I never really knew him from Knoxville. The first time I talked to him was when he was at Marshall. I met him at a football banquet. I called him on behalf of Tom Condon who now represents him. I've kept in touch with him since then. I would say I know Chad pretty well.


Q.What are the kinds of things that you talk about?

I haven't talked to him this year since he's been playing. I've seen him the past couple of years either before the game or after the game when we played the Jets. It's about nothing too specific about the conversation.


Q.Any similarities between him and you regarding your preparation?

This is Chad's first time playing. What a great job he has done. I just go by what you hear, whether it's a story or article done on him but I sounds like he's working hard and it's really paying off for him. He does a great job of preparing and he takes it over to the playing field. That is a great credit to him of always being ready to play and when his number was called he's really stepped in and done a great job.


Q.You Obviously have gotten to know the Jets over the last few years. Now that you're out of the division what do you think about the way their defense has come together?


Well they're better than last year and the times that I've played against them. I think it's the best Jets defense that I've seen. Obviously they're more comfortable in the new system. Last year was their first year in the new system and I think they've upgraded their personnel. They are extremely active in the defensive front, three of the best linebackers as a core in the league and a very active secondary. They have a lot of confidence in Beasley and in Ray Mickens and in Abraham that gives them a lot of flexibility to do things. Garnes and Robinson are both veteran safeties.


Q.Is it a chess match that you like to change things or pretend that you are changing things at the line and in recent weeks the Jets have been disguising their defenses a little more. Is this sort of a chess match?


It still comes down to execution. For us it's about just trying to call a play and if you have to change it sometimes you change it but it still comes down to whether you can block, whether you can pitch and catch and if you can run the football. Obviously when you're getting into the playoffs you're playing excellent football teams. You can't confuse the Jets defense because they have so many veterans and their smart. They just have a very good control of what is going on out there. It's not about trying to confuse them it's about just trying to execute and trying to make plays.


Q.Have you noticed that in recent weeks the Jets defense is bringing more pressure on opposing quarterbacks? Have you seen that when watching film?



The nice thing about the Jets defense is they can create pressure just with their front four guys. With Shaun Ellis, Abraham, and Ferguson and all those guys they can create great pressure with just their front four. Then to mix it up they can start to bring some linebackers, Lewis, Cowart and bring a DB to just give a mix to throw the offense off kilter a little bit. That is a very good situation to have as a defense to be able to create pressure by just rushing four but also to blitz some as well.



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