Q-and-A with UConn CB Darius Butler

Q)You played both CB and WR at UConn. How much receiver did you play this past season?

Butler: Probably 10-15 snaps a game. And just in some certain situations on third down.

Q)How good of a receiver are you?

Butler: I'm pretty good. My head coach in college actually told me if I played receiver (from the beginning), I'd be a better receiver than I am a corner.

Q)How did you end up at UConn coming out of South Florida?

Butler: I went to a small high school and wasn't recruited by the bigger schools. The coach at UConn had a relationship with my high school coach.

Q)You got tested by Calvin Johnson early in your career at UConn . . .

Butler: I got thrown at and outjumped him on a fade, believe it or not. Haven't seen too many (fades) since then.

Q)How does your game translate to the NFL?

Butler: I think it will translate pretty well. In NFL, you can't really touch a guy. it's not like college. So my hips, my feet and just opening up and running with guys will help me.

You gotta work at your technique. And I'm working with one of the best who's ever done it in Deion Sanders. He's taught me a lot. A lot I learned in college. I was be down there (in Dallas) with (Sanders) for a month after the combine.

Q)How did you hook up with Saunders?

Butler: He gave me a call during the season my senior year. I kept in close contact with him after that. I sent him some film. He was kind of tweaking me during the season. I knew I was going to down there to train after the season. Before I even found an agent or anything, that's the decision I made.

Q)Who do you model your game after?

Butler: Asante Samuel. I like his game. I like his style of play. He's also from the same area I'm from. We're kind of built the same. Comes up and hits. Gets some picks. I like his game.

Q)What was your fastest forty running in Dallas?

Butler: 4.33.

Q)Where do you expect to be drafted?

Butler: I expect to go in the first round. Definitely.

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