A guy the Jets could use - Shonn Greene

Iowa's 230-pound RB Shonn Greene could really help the Jets. They need a big back. He could even be a first round consideration.

Q)How does Iowa's zone blocking help your transition?

Greene: It helps me a lot. Most of the teams in the NFL run the zone scheme. I pretty much know it. I have a good idea what to look for in defenses and stuff like that.

Q)What was the biggest factor in declaring early?

Greene: Just sitting down with my family and coaches, I had a pretty good season and seasons like that don't come often. I'll be 24 in August, so age played a factor in it too.

Q)Is age a problem?

Greene: It could be for some people, but I don't look at it as a risk or anything like that. I'm going to be 24, so it is what it is. I only started for one full season, so I don't have that much wear and tear on me.

Q)Do you think teams have a concern about you being a one-year wonder?

Greene: They might, but then again, I don't. I feel I can (perform) anytime. I had to play the same guys some of the other guys played, like Beanie Wells, because we were in the Big 10. I don't see it as a problem.

Q)What separates you from some of the other running backs?

Greene: My ability to run between the tackles, to be elusive in the hole. I think as an inside runner, I am one of the best backs.

Q)Can you fit into the first round?

Greene: Absolutely. Just from the film, you can look at that. People will say where I fit but myself, I think I belong with the top backs up there.

Q)How is your blocking?

Greene: I think it is pretty good. With 2008 being my one year as a starter, I haven't had a lot of time to work with it, but I think I am pretty good at it. But I think my best football is ahead of me and I think I can get better in that department.

Q)Was that one year enough to think I am ready for the NFL?

Greene: I think so. I think I could have done it my freshman or sophomore year there. We just happened to have Albert Young, who was a great back too. He was playing a lot, so I couldn't get my chance.

Q)You worked for a furniture store at one point when you sat out in 2007 for academic reasons?

Greene: It was pretty crazy. I matured a lot as a man. Not being able to play football for a year kind of set me back and made me understand I had to take care of business and my responsibilities.

Q)Were the bad grades your approach or a lack of discipline or tough academics?

Greene: I think it was my approach. I didn't take it very seriously, I wasn't disciplined with it. I let it slack off. I learned a lot from the situation.

Q)How easy is it for you to learn a football playbook?

Greene: It's easy. It's always easy when you love something. I guess you (media) love interviewing, so it's easy for you to do it. I am comfortable learning plays.

Q)Does it bother you that you aren't considered the top back in this draft?

Greene: I don't feel disrespected. People will say what they will say. But myself, I go off the numbers. I had 100 yards every game.

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