What underwhelming performance?

Mini-camps are about teaching. There is no contact, not tackling - it's essentially touch football. Some observers continue to act like the Jets two day mini-camp week gave us great insight into the quarterack situation.

"With the underwhelming performance of quarterback Brett Ratliff, I'm beginning to wonder if the hand of Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum is inching toward the panic button," wrote Dave Hutchinson in the Star-Ledger.

If that is true, Tannenbaum might be making a mistake. Impulsive owners make decisions after two day mini-camps, not savvy GM's. You don't panic based on mini-camp performances.

For what it's worth, I thought Ratliff did a lot of good things on Friday. But who cares? They were playing flag football.

Jason Campbell is a very average quarterback. How is he an upgrade over what the Jets have? I'm shocked the Jets are reportedly interested in trading for him. As for Brady Quinn and Mark Sanchez, it's unclear what kind of NFL players they will be.

If the Jets decide to make a trade for a quarterback, that is fine. But let's cut out this nonsense about mini-camp performances.

Would you pan a Broadway show during early dress rehearsals? No. So let's chill out about the team's first mini-camp under a new coach.

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