Favre's shoulder miracle

Perhaps Brett Favre went to a faith healer for his bad shoulder.

Favre said one of the reasons he "retired" from the Jets was because he didn't want to surgery on his throwing shoulder. Something he said he needed.

He repeated said at his final press conference that he was done for good.

Now he's thinking of a comeback, so the shoulder must be doing well.

He's talking to the Vikings about a comeback.

The Green Bay Packers must be pretty pissed at the Jets for allowing Favre to potentially do this.

Remember last summer when the Packers were shopping Favre, they didn't want to trade him to the Vikings. And when they traded him to the Jets, Gang Green would have to give up multiple first round picks to Green Bay if they turned around and traded Favre to Minnesota.

Now since the Jets released Favre, he is free to go to Minnesota, and the Jets won't have to give up any draft picks.

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