Recalling some Favre comments after season

Here are some of Brett Favre's comments to the New York media following the season regarding his retirement -

Q) Is there a sense of finality with this year's announcement?

Favre: Yes, there is. Progressively, [the shoulder] got worse throughout the year. I'm very thankful and blessed that I withstood so much for so long. I guess it was a matter of time before something broke down and it happened to be, for a quarterback, the most important thing, and that is his throwing shoulder. Obviously, it's something that I was able to play with. I don't think I was nearly as productive as the season progressed. I think to me, that more than anything was a wake-up call.

Q) Would you reevaluate you decision if your shoulder feels better in a few months?

Favre: No, I wouldn't. It obviously is tempting. That, more than anything, is the reason why I am retiring. I think the team will fare well. I think they will be better than they were this year. It's not like I'm leaving a team that's on the decline. It's nothing I would second guess. No.

Q) So you are officially retired?

Favre: I'm sure because I have family and friends, (saying) ‘All right, Brett, is this the real deal?' It is, believe me. It's been a wonderful career. I couldn't ask for anything more. It was worth a shot for me to go to New York. I wish I could have played better down the stretch. I didn't, and it's time to leave.

Q) Would you have come back next year if your shoulder was fine?

Favre: Of the players that I've talked to, former players, (they) really never let it go. You just move on. I'm not going to sit here and tell you that I can just click it on and off, because that's not true. Once a football player, always a football player. The downside of this sport is that unlike other professions, you can't do it forever. I've done it a long time. Emotionally, I'm okay with it. I really felt like it was time.

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