More from Favre's retirement presser

Q) What went into your decision to retire from the NFL?

Favre: Most importantly, obviously, with my shoulder feeling as it did the latter half of the year. I thought it hampered the way I played. I'm 39. I had a couple of options. One, to (get) arthroscopic surgery. That probably would speed up the process. Secondly, let time more or less heal (it). How that would affect me as far as playing? I have no idea. At 39, it was something I was not willing to risk.

Q) Is there a sense of finality with this year's announcement?

Favre: Yes, there is. Progressively, [the shoulder] got worse throughout the year. I'm very thankful and blessed that I withstood so much for so long. I guess it was a matter of time before something broke down and it happened to be, for a quarterback, the most important thing, and that is his throwing shoulder. Obviously, it's something that I was able to play with. I don't think I was nearly as productive as the season progressed. I think to me, that more than anything was a wake-up call.

Q) Would you reevaluate your decision if your shoulder feels better in a few months?

Favre: No, I wouldn't. It obviously is tempting. That, more than anything, is the reason why I am retiring. I think the team will fare well. I think they will be better than they were this year. It's not like I'm leaving a team that's on the decline. It's nothing I would second guess. No.

Q) So you are officially retired?

Favre: I'm sure because I have family and friends, (saying) ‘All right, Brett, is this the real deal?' It is, believe me. It's been a wonderful career. I couldn't ask for anything more. It was worth a shot for me to go to New York. I wish I could have played better down the stretch. I didn't, and it's time to leave.

(ESPN'S Ed Werder said on Friday, "Injury is all that stands between him and playing for the Vikings.")

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