Is Rex against reworking older player deals?

Is Rex against renegotiating a player's third contract in the middle of the deal? That is what Laveranues Coles claims Rex told him before the player was released. Rich Cimini asked Rex if this conversation took place, and if it applies to Thomas Jones, who is holding out.

"Well, if I had that discussion with (Laveranues) Coles, then that's who I had it with," said Ryan. "I never had that discussion with you guys or anybody else, so you can read into that what you want. These are voluntary camps. Thomas Jones is not the only veteran player that is having whatever issues (he has). I haven't heard anything. He's not here. That's unfortunate, but I look forward to seeing him when we have our mandatory camp. I really do."

The chance of Jones and his agent, Mr. Twitter, getting the runner a new deal is a longshot.

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