Belichick didn't report RB's broken shoulder

Patriots RB Lawrence Maroney suffered a serious shoulder injury against the Jets in Week Two, but Bill Belichick didn't list him on the injury report in Week Five, right before he went on IR. The announcement was made by the Boston Globe's Chris Gasper.

"I had a broken bone and I was trying to play with it," Maroney told Gasper. "It's kind of hard to sit here and play and not tell people what is going on. Everybody is going to think one way because they don't really know what's going on. I dare anybody in this crowd to play football with a broken bone in your shoulder and you tell me how long you're going to last out there.

"Doing it the second game and still trying to play, I feel like it still shows my toughness and my dedication to the team and how much I really want to contribute."

Maroney's toughness was questioned in the media because reporters didn't know how seriously he was hurt.

With sportsbook gaming coming to Delaware, Roger Goodell better do something about teams that mislead on the injury report.

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