Rex on wide receivers

Rex Ryan was asked last week if he is comfortable with the team's current cast of wide receivers. His response could be read a couple of different ways.

"There are guys here that are able, ‘let's step up, let's see what you got.' Is it going to be Brad Smith? Is it going to be (David) Clowney? Is it going to be (Chansi) Stuckey? We have guys. It's not like the cupboard is totally bare. We have guys that can play and they compete to get better each day. And I have confidence. Is it going to be one guy? Maybe. Will that role be shared? That's a possibility as well."

But then the second part of the answer made it seem like perhaps wide receiver isn't a strength.

"I have confidence, not just in that group, but in our football team," said Ryan. "I don't truly believe that there is a shortcoming at receiver. I think we have some good players there. But I also think, like every team, you have your strengths and your weaknesses when you look at them, but when you look at our football team overall, I think we have an outstanding team. Again, people can focus on, "You don't have this, you don't have whatever, "but I can put it right back on you and say we have a better defense than you have and we have an offensive line that's probably better than yours. We have no excuses. By the time we snap it for real, we'll see who's making excuses."

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