When will Leon become Leon again?

Over his first three years in the league, Leon Washington was almost too good to be true.

As good a player as he was on the field, he was an even better person off of it.

On the field, he was a dynamic kick returner and electrifying multi-purpose back. Off the field, he did whatever the team asked of him - from a myriad of charity work to being very accomodating to the press.

He also was one of the hardest workers on the team.

Not that all of this has gone away, but Leon seems to have changed a little over the last month.

And we blame agent Alvin Keels for this.

Washington told the press repeatedly that he would never holdout from the team's off-season program to try to get a better contract.

A couple of weeks ago, Keels got him to bolt.

The same Keels who actively recruited Washington for a couple of years to leave agent Alan Herman. Was that ethical?

Probably not, but Keels has done that before.

Leon, be your own man, be that man we all got to know, and were impressed with over your first three years in the league.

Don't let Keels lead you. He works for you. You lead him.

Don't let him change you.

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