Rape allegations at Rhodes' house

According to reporter Larry Celona in the New York Post, a woman has claimed she was raped at Kerry Rhodes' house.

"New Jersey cops are investigating a woman's claim that she was raped at the home of star Jets defensive back Kerry Rhodes after meeting him and another man at a Manhattan nightclub, The Post has learned," wrote Celona. "The woman, a Canadian tourist, told NYPD cops that two men raped her late Friday or early Saturday in Morristown, NJ, where the 26-year-old Jet safety has a town house, New York law-enforcement sources said."

"Morristown police and Morris County Sheriff's Department officers visited Rhodes' town house twice Saturday, neighbors said."

"That morning, cops drove two men -- neither of whom were in handcuffs -- away from the home in a police car and dropped them off back there several hours later, a neighbor said."

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