Jets hold last practice outdoors before game

"I tell guys what ever you have to do, as long as it's legal and you don't get in trouble before the game, you need to go and do that. I'm a true believer of that. I learned that in Philadelphia. I saw guys that smoke five packs of cigarettes before they play. I was wondering why is he doing that. He's just getting ready for the game." - Herm Edwards

Q. Last practice in New York. How is the team looking?
Well hopefully it's not the last. Ask the right questions if you're going to
ask questions.
I thought it was a good week for us. I think our players are prepared and we
understand what we're dealing with. Just like we always say we're going to
try to win another game. 

Q. How big is this all?
It's big in the fact that we're playing. There are only eight teams playing
right now. It's great because this is what you want to play for. This is
what football is about. This is what we've always talked about when we got
here one year ago. We wanted to be an organization and a team that every
year we were in playoff situations. We're back again by popular demand.
We're going to play.

Q. Are you happy with your decision to move it outside and shake it up a
Absolutely. I told them today the reason we came out here was because I
wanted to create inconvenience. I'm about not always making things
comfortable. Where you can go in the bubble and be warm. It's going to be
their inconvenience against us and our inconvenience against them and the
people that can deal with it the beast will win the game.

Q. Where is the team's focus right now?
I think that have good focus. I think they are loose. I think they're
relaxed but alert. That is probably pretty important because that is how I
feel they should play. They're a little bit on edge but they should play on
edge because that is how you play football. Now if they go over the edge
that is not smart. So I think the team is prepared to play and we are going
to go play.

Q. Is there any reason why they are watching Gangs of New York on the flight
out there?

No they were nice enough to give us the film and I guess they're trying to
promote it. The question I was asking is the film has been out about two
months and they didn't ask us to look at it then but they're asking us to
look at it now. I think it was really nice of them to come over and provide
us the movie. I guess it's supposed to be pretty rough.

Q. Are there any parallels to what you'll see in the film and what we'll in
Probably in the film they kill people, in football you don't kill anybody.
It's a physical game and you play that way but I think it was very of them
to come by.

Q. Could you talk about the fine line between confidence and overconfidence?
We're confident but we've been confident. That is nothing new. That is why
we're standing were we're standing. If we weren't confident then you
wouldn't be asking these questions now. You'll probably be somewhere warm
and cuddly and drinking hot cocoa but you're standing outside cold, freezing
to death aren't you. That is a good thing and hopefully we can bring you
back next week and make you stand out here some more.

Q. Did you make your reservation at Starbucks yet?
Oh yeah, they know I'm coming. I'll be there tomorrow before practice. My
little desk will be over there. I walk in and they know exactly what I want.

Q.On the teams training?
We'll do a little more tomorrow and then after that guys want to play
football. I think both teams want to play. It's been a long week and I think
it will be a good football game.

Q.It seems from what you hear here and in Oakland people are anticipating a
very physical football game?

I would anticipate that. That is how it should be because this is playoffs.
And you know if you don't play that way you're probably not going to win. I
think both teams have that mentality.

Q.Being an experienced veteran team. How much is that an advantage for
They've been in this situation obviously. They got to the AFC [Divisional
Playoff game] last year and some things didn't go their way and they didn't
get in so the obviously want to get back. We're in a new situation and I
think it's a good situation. We've gone a step further than we did last year
as a football team. When you can do that you appreciate that there is only
eight guys left. After this week it's four and then it's two. We're trying
to go out there and win a game. It's no different than we were in the
beginning of the year. Just win another game and good things happen.

Q.What have you learned about these guys heading into you fourth match up?
They are a good team, obviously. We know that. I think you have to play good
teams if you want to become a good team. They have had history of winning
some championship games and playing well and we want to do that around here.
We're a team that is trying to get better and improve every year and I think
we have done that for the most part. If you win games like this it gains
your confidence and you go on.

Q.Are you happy to get out of this weather and get into the balmy bay area
No, I kind of like this weather because you find who really wants to be out
here. I know a lot of you are pleased to death that you had to come out here
today. You probably thought you were going to the bubble, huh.

Q. Does tomorrow's routine include watching the Tennessee game?
No, I don't watch football. I don't pay attention to that stuff. I've got
better things to do. I worry about our team. That game will take care of

Q. Do you discourage the guys from watching it?
No, I tell guys what ever you have to do, as long as it's legal and you
don't get in trouble before the game, you need to go and do that. I'm a true
believer of that. I learned that in Philadelphia. I saw guys that smoke five
packs of cigarettes before they play. I was wondering why is he doing that.
He's just getting ready for the game. Whatever they need to do, as long as
it's legal, you need to go do tomorrow. And they'll do that.

Q. How do you size up the other game tomorrow night?
I think all of these games will be good. As far as scores, I don't predict
that. I let those others guys, they come on TV-DA, DA, DA. They do all that
stuff with that two hour program that they have. They tell you what you're
going to do. Awhile back a couple of them said our season was over with.
It's amazing but we'll see.

Q. How special was your first playoff win as a head coach?
I think it was special for the football team and for the fans because we did
it at home. That is probably the most important thing. That is what we're
playing for right now; we're playing for the players, coaches and the fans.
It should be that way. I just blow the whistle, I'm insignificant. I think
the players play and it's really enjoying for me to watch them play and win
because that is really fun as a coach.

Q. The Raiders are 7-1 against the Jets in Oakland. Are you ready to turn
that around?
That is what you are always trying to do around here. You either try to
change history a little bit or become it. I think this team for the most
part has always had the mindset when we first got here last year we went to
Oakland and they said we couldn't win out there. We won our first game out
there to get into the playoffs. I just think it's a good contest and a good
football team and we're a good football team too. That is what you want to
do-you want to measure up against another team and at the end of the day you
find out who is the best that day.

Q. Talk about the secretary that when you showed up here said, "you'll never
win here."
That was at Tampa when we worked down there. Obviously that franchise has
changed a little bit hasn't it? I've been real fortunate to be around good
people. If you surround yourself with good people and good players generally
things change.

Q.Did you get any phone calls, best wishes from other coaches?
Yeah, a bunch of them but I can't say who they are because if I do it will
be telling on them and then the other coaches on the other team will get mad
at them. I'm smart enough not to say who it was.

Q. On your preparation for Gannon this week. He doesn't run as much this
year as he has in the past. Is that a good thing or bad thing?
It's probably a good thing for him. He's not going to put himself in harms
way. He'll run when he has to make a play. He has so many weapons and he
understands the offense and he's going to dump it off to one of the
receivers or the back. He's a very good quarterback. He's the MVP of the

Q. Does he need more time to pick people apart?
If you give him time he's a good player. We're going to play football. You
can watch the game.

Q.This is the fourth outstanding quarterback in a row. Do you ever remember
having a streak as a player or coach as having that many?
No, not really. I think the defense and Teddy and those guys have done a
great job of really playing well against good quarterbacks. They're good
teams too and that is important. That gives you confidence as a player. We
have to play well on both sides of the ball. We can't play like we did last
time because if you do that against a good team you're not going to win.

Q. Is it a perfect example of it's not one thing but it's everything
That and playing good offense. I think when you play good offense that helps
you play good defense. I think they both work together and special teams
give you field position. All those things go into winning the game.

Q. You talked about making the players uncomfortable. Could you elaborate on
why you felt the need to make them a little uncomfortable?

I do a lot of things around here to make them uncomfortable. They just never
know when it's going to happen. It could be during meetings. I just told
them we're going outside today. They looked around and went here he goes
again. Getting ready to do something else. They knew exactly what I was
trying to do. They're used to it. I've been doing this for two years now. So
they know that it's good for them to not get comfortable and get your mind
thinking we'll go in the bubble today and it will be warm. No it won't,
we're going outside today and we're going to practice outside in the cold.

Q. Are you going to watch this movie on the plane?
It's a little violent for me. They're killing people; I'll watch a little
bit of it. I'll read and visit with my wife. I'll get to talk to her for a
couple of hours because I haven't seen her in quite some time. But I'll
relax for the most part.

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