Rex on Jones coming back and his future

Q)What are your thoughts on Thomas Jones after getting your first look at him?

Ryan: He reminds me of myself the way he's built and all that kind of stuff (laughter), but it's great to see him. It really is. I've always respected the kind of player he is and just to see him up close - wow, this guy is really built.

He told me he's happy to be here, and I told him I'm certainly happy that he's here. That's exciting to have him back here.

Q)Have you spoken to Thomas Jones about whether he will participate in the remaining offseason activities?

Ryan: No, I haven't. You'd have to ask Thomas that question.

Q)What about training camp?

Ryan: I think you'd have to refer to Thomas about that. These are voluntary workouts. I'm just excited that he's here.

Q)Did you have any discussions with Jones on why he has been absent?

Ryan: No, I just sat there and gave him a hug and said, all right, kid, go ahead. I was excited that he was here. Would I have liked to have seen him here the first day of OTA's and going through all the lifting and everything else with his teammates? Of course I would. Again, right now, I'm focused on let's move forward and I'm excited he's here.

Q)What were your thoughts about him not being here for a couple of months?

Ryan: I want him to be here. Obviously, I want them all to be here, but I'm not a guy that it's voluntary - mandatory. That's not where we're at right now. This is a voluntary camp and the fact he's here is really encouraging to me. You'll have to ask him.

Q)Did Jones use the words that he's happy to be here?

Ryan: That's what Thomas told me. Thomas told me he's happy to be here, and I'm certainly happy he's here. That's exciting. Is he happy with everything? You'd have to ask Thomas. I know he's happy to be on the football field with his teammates. Does that mean he's going to be here next week? I really can't answer that question.

Q)Is there any indication from Mike Tannenbaum that the reason he was absent has been resolved?

Ryan: I think you'll have to ask Thomas that. I'm not going to speak for Thomas. We all expected him to be here this week because of the Twitter. It was good to see. I certainly hope that he's here for the rest of it. That would be great, because I know his teammates get excited that Thomas is there, and they know the kind of player he is, they know the kind of leader he is, and it's fun to watch.

Q)Can the organization proceed without knowing whether Jones will be with the team?

Ryan: It's my understanding that Thomas is under contract. This is a voluntary camp. When it's mandatory, he's going to be here in a mandatory camp. I truly believe that. I think you'd have to ask Thomas. I know Thomas feels good about being around his teammates and being on that field playing. That's just the kind of person he is. Now, I'm not going to speak for Thomas at all when it comes to the other situations. I don't think that's smart for me to do.

Q)Is there a concern that Jones being unhappy with his contract can make his great motor amp down a little?

Ryan: You've got to talk to Thomas about any of those kind of situations. I know the kind of competitor Thomas is, the kind of football player he is. He did score 15 touchdowns last year and led the AFC in rushing. This is a man. He puts that ball under his arm and he wants it, he wants to carry it and, to me, he's an outstanding pro. Everything else off the field, I think you've got to ask Thomas those questions. I'm certainly happy he's here as a football player.

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