Clemens still with agent David Dunn

Surprisingly, Jets quarterback Kellen Clemens, has decided to stay with agent David Dunn.

Why is it surprising?

Well the California-based agent also represents quarterback Mark Sanchez, the team's first round pick in 2009.

This is clearly a major conflict of interest.

Right now Dunn is negotiating a contract for Sanchez - one that will be loaded with incentives based on starting.

Clemens stands in the way of Sanchez reaching those incentives, perhaps this year, and maybe next. This is if Clemens beats out Sanchez and plays very well this year.

Who is to say this doesn't turn into the Phillip Rivers-Drew Brees scenario in San Diego. Rivers was the fouth pick overall, but Brees kept him on the bench for a couple of years because he played so well.

Why on earth would Dunn want Clemens to keep Sanchez on the bench for a year or two? That would be terrible for Sanchez on the contract front.

And let's be honest, Dunn figures to make a lot more on the Sanchez' deal than on Clemens' next contract.

We all know now, in retrospect, how much the Jets wanted to grab Sanchez in this draft. They fell in love with him before the draft, and Dunn had to be involved in this courtship. So don't you think Dunn was ecstatic when they traded up to pick him.

We all know how badly Sanchez wanted to play for the Jets, and how great it is for Dunn and his agency to have the charismatic QB in the nation's top market.

But it's not great job for his client - Clemens.

So Clemens should probably consider moving on from Dunn, who is a very good agent, and hire someone who puts my interests on the front burner.

And that is impossible for Dunn to do while he's also the agent for Sanchez.

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