If Ainge is the best QB, he should start

If Eric Ainge is the best QB this summer in training camp and preseason, shouldn't he start?

That is the way it should be in the NFL.

Ainge might have been the best QB at Wednesday's OTA practice.

He has a strong grasp of the offense, and made a lot of impressive plays at this session.

And he displayed a better arm that advertised.

As a senior, and last summer with the Jets, he was dealing with a bad pinky on his throwing hand. Now that is healthy, he's throwing the ball a lot better.

He is 6-6, and sees the field very well.

Mike Tannenbaum and Rex Ryan are always saying that the best players will play.

Well guys, prove to us that you really believe in this theory, and it's not just rhetoric.

If Ainge is the best QB in practice and the preseason games, he should be the starter.

Obviously this scenario is viewed as a longshot right now, but watching Ainge the other day, it really makes you consider the viability of his candidancy.

Unless Rex and Mike have predetermined that he's not a candidate, which would fly in the face of their "best players will play" philosophy.

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