Scott getting tired of Raven comparisons

For the first few months of Rex Ryan's tenure with the Jets, we've lost count of all the Baltimore comparisions that have taken place in Florham Park. Bart Scott would like it to stop for good in the very near future.

"I think this defense is looking to set up its own image," said Scott. "In a little while we will stop even mentioning Baltimore's style. It will be the New York Jets style. That was just a reference point because that's where we started at."

Scott feels the Jets defense is going to be different than the Ravens, even though they are playing the same system.

"We are getting our own identity," said Scott, clearly the leaders of the Jets' defense. "Certain players have different skills. There are different people and it is exciting and fresh."

While the Jets would like all the Baltimore references to stop, they wouldn't mind having the same results as the Ravens.


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