Freedom, Freedom

Rex Ryan has brought back freedom of expression to the Jets Nation.

As long as players do their jobs, things like trash-talking aren't off limits.

"You want to have the freedom to be yourself, not to be a robot," said Jets linebacker Bart Scott, a big fan of Ryan's approach.

Scott thinks it's important to be able to express yourself as a football player.

"I look at being an athlete as being an entertainer," said Scott. "It is a form of expression."

But this isn't just about yapping and taunting, in Scott's mind, the mindset that Ryan is instilling also helps players play better.

"When you have to play, you have to put your personality and your interpretation of the defense out on the field," said Scott. "You can't have someone that says you can't celebrate and you can't be happy or talk trash. Whatever you do, do it. (Rex Ryan) gives us the environment to do that."

And Rex not only promotes this behavior from players, but he engages in it himself, as we all saw this week when he said, "I won't kiss Bill Belichick's rings."

"Nobody wants to be a robot," said Scott. "Everyone here is from different places so you should embrace the different personalities."

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