Sanchez getting more comfy with wideouts

It takes a while for a quarterback to get comfortable with his wideouts. Mark Sanchez is working hard to expedite this process.

"The wideouts – (Chansi) Stuckey, (Jerricho) Cotchery, Wallace (Wright), (David) Clowney – they've all been very helpful," said Sanchez. "They let me know what's going on, talking through things on the sidelines with checks and words and things like that."

Often one receiver emerges as a quarterback's favorite, but this isn't happening with Sanchez because he's getting reps with so many different wideouts.

"Sometimes you're running with the 2's (second team) but sometimes you get thrown in with the 1's (first team), and then you go straight through your progression and try and spread the ball around as best you can," said Sanchez. "With this offense, Coach Schottenheimer does a great job of [spreading the ball around].

"I'm starting to get a feel for each guy and know what they expect and know what to expect from them. We'll be on the same page shortly."

Sanchez believes his feel for his receivers and the offense is improving with every practice.

"I'm improving every day, which is important," said Sanchez. "I feel more comfortable each day and that's huge."

But it's not time to put him in Canton just yet.

"I don't want to get too ahead of myself and feel like I've got it figured out," said Sanchez. "You have to keep working. I want to master it. I don't want to just know it. I'm getting closer, but who knows how long it will take, but I feel good."

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