New Jersey Network asks Rex about Cortland

New Jersey Network, a public television station, was at Jets Camp on Wednesday to do a story on the team not holding training camp in the Garden State.

The reporter asked Rex what he would tell the disappointed fans of New Jersey who expected training camp to be held at Florham Park.

"I can certainly understand where they (New Jersey fans) would be disappointed," said Ryan. "I'm just trying to look out for what is in the best interest of our football team."

Why is going to Cortland, a town in Upstate New York, in the best interest of his team?

"The vision I had for our team was that we would go up and get away," said Ryan. "Get away from all the comforts, the comforts of where your family is. The comforts of [the complex], which is incredible, and go out where all we have is each other. It's just the football team. All the other distractions, everything else, you're not dealing with."

Ryan thinks the team will be more prepared at the start of the season by having training camp in an isolated location.

"We're focusing on getting this team ready to roll and by the time we get through training camp, we're putting ourself in a situation where we really have a football team," said Ryan. "We've got guys who know each other, care about each other, and that's what we're trying to build."

This decision was all Ryan's, Woody Johnson had nothing to do with it. This wasn't a case of the owner attempting to market the team in a new area.

"When I mentioned to Woody (Johnson) how important I thought that was in building a team, then he was like, 'Ok let me do this. My coach wants this.' And that's what we accomplished. I think we're trying to do things in the community here. We certainly don't want to upset our fan base here in New Jersey."

Since Ryan decided to take the team away for camp, he did something rare in the NFL - he opened mini-camp to the fans.

"We're probably the only team in the League who has our mandatory minicamp open to the public," said Ryan. "We're trying to make ourselves available as best we can in our community here."

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