Rex Ryan on Sirius

Rex Ryan appeared on the Sirius Blitz recently, and here is some of what he had to say -

Q)Does the fact that Mark Sanchez got his contract done so early give him the leg up for the starting quarterback job?

Ryan: I certainly think it gives him an opportunity to compete for the job. I think if he would've had a long holdout, as you've seen some of these other quarterbacks, it's almost impossible to be that starting quarterback on opening day. So I think by him signing the contract early, he gave himself an opportunity to be in that competition with Kellen Clemens.

Q)How do you want the Jets to be perceived around the league?

Ryan: I want to have a hard-nosed football team. I want to be able to run the football and I want to be able to stop the run on defense. Those are the two factors I think you have to have if you're a hard-nosed football team. You gotta be able to do those two things, and I certainly would like to be able to do that and accomplish that.

And I just want to be a complete football team, one that supports each other, one that you can tell our players will play with a great deal of passion. They're going to care about each other and put forth a great effort every single time up.

Q)Can you give us some insight on the latest on Plaxico and your desire to go after a very good football player?

Ryan: To us, really, nothing's changed for us. I know it sounds funny, but we're happy with our guys. So when you're out here at camp with obviously Jericho Cotchery – everybody knows he's going to be a starter for us – but we might not have the bell-cow opposite Jericho, but we have a lot of guys that we think can play in this league, from a Brad Smith, from a Chansi Stuckey, from Wallace Wright, David Clowney's got exceptional speed. So they all have certain traits and it's just a matter of providing those opportunities for them.

Don't feel sorry for us. We feel good about our situation. Do we have that Pro Bowl receiver? No, we don't, but we feel pretty good about our unit.

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