Upcoming uncapped making LW contract tough

One sticking point in the Leon Washington contract talks is the uncapped year in 2010. We recently asked Mike Tannenbaum why this uncertainty complicates contract talks.

"It really has to do a lot with this being the last capped year and what you can guarantee and not guarantee," said Tannenbaum. "You have to fully guarantee money in the last capped year to have money guaranteed into non-capped years. There's 30% growth in terms of going from the last capped year to an uncapped year Then there are other issues that come in relative to only being able to guarantee money for a certain number of years out. So the landing spots are pretty small, that's the bad news. The good news is everyone is dealing with the same set of rules. All contracts will have mechanisms to make it work.

"I think that market is what it is; everyone's dealing with the same set of rules, so no one's going to outgain the other person. It's kind of a defined world in and of itself."

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