Tannenbaum on Sanchez contract

While most teams aren't close to getting their first round picks signed, the Jets pick has already been locked up for two weeks. Here are the thoughts on Mike Tannenbaum on the early signing -

"I think that the agreement works well. There was good give and take, like there always is. We are really comfortable with the agreement. I think that it is good for Mark and for us as well. We are glad it is done. We think it was good for both sides.

"I give [Mark's agent's] a lot of credit. We were trying to create a sense of urgency, even though it is early June. There was a lot of dialogue back-and-fourth with Rex (Ryan) and Woody (Johnson), Ari (Nissim), Jackie (Davidson) and myself talking to their guys. I think there was good, healthy dialogue. There was no need to wait if both sides could take that sense of urgency and come up with a deal that was good for both sides.

"I would just say that Mark is a sincere person; I think that you get that feeling from him. You have two sides working in good faith.

"Sometimes you hear that some teams try to make draft day deals setting parameters. Quite frankly, we didn't get on the clock until there were about two-and-a-half minutes left on draft day because of the complexities of the deal with Cleveland.

"When you make a trade involving players you have to put conditions in. If Kenyon Coleman fails his physical what does Cleveland get? It's a pretty complicated conversation when you have 10 minutes on the clock. We didn't have the fifth pick in the draft until there was about two-and-a-half minutes left to go. Did you get hit by a bus? Are you OK? We don't really have time to get into in-depth negotiations.

"It was really more based on our understanding of Mark and (Dave) Dunn, who I think is a really good agent. What Mark said publicly he said privately as well. We didn't really have a lot of time there to talk parameters because of the complexities of the trade with Cleveland.

"[Contracts] are compartmentalized, this was part of the rookie pool and (Jones and Washington) are both under contract. I can understand [people wondering about a connection], but they're really not related from a standpoint that one's a rookie contract and those guys are veteran players.

"He [signed] for about another 45 minutes or so. The contract is 47 pages long. Just so you know, when you sign an NFL contract, you have to sign six sets of originals, so he signed about 300 pages. I think it will probably be worth it for him. He [was] signing for awhile.

"[The reason 2009 contracts are more difficult] has to do a lot with this being the last capped year and what you can guarantee and not guarantee. You have to fully guarantee money in the last capped year to have money guaranteed into non-capped years.

"Then there are other issues that come in relative to only being able to guarantee money for a certain number of years out. So the landing spots are pretty small, that's the bad news. The good news is everyone is dealing with the same set of rules. All contracts will have mechanisms to make it work.

"I think (it is) a little bit harder for a rookie deal. You're limited to a certain number of team incentives. I think that market is what it is; everyone's dealing with the same set of rules, so no one's going to outgain the other person. It's kind of a defined world in and of itself. With veterans, you have a bit more options out there. The menu's a little bigger."

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