Mawae changes his position on rookie salaries

Last year Kevin Mawae blasted the money first round players receive. Now he is okay with it.

"We don't sign the checks," Mawae said on 790 in Atlanta. "The name on the bottom of the checks is the owners who own the team. I wish I was a first rounder.

"I looked Mark Sanchez in the face the other day and said ‘congratulations, man. More power to you'. It's the nature of the game. They're fortunate enough to be in it at a time when the game is making that much money where I guy can come out and get a contract that guarantees him $30 million dollars. I'm not going to hate him for that, and I'm not going to hate the system for it.

"Rookie salaries only comprise four percent of the salary cap so it's not like every guy is making that kind of money and they're taking it from the veteran players. The reality is no team spent up to the entire cap last year. God bless the rookies coming out, they deserve it."

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