A conversation with Kellen Clemens

Q)How long do you think that the quarterback competition will go on for?

Clemens: I don't have a crystal ball. Best case for you I think is to ask Rex. It's his decision ultimately. I know it wasn't over (at minicamp).

Q)How are you spending your time between minicamp and training camp?

Clemens: The major thing, which took me a little while to learn, is to get some rest. It's not a bad thing to get away from the game and rejuvenate because it's a long season. Sixteen regular season games plus four preseason games and then hopefully the playoffs, it's a long season. So first and foremost, it's to get some rest.

Q)Along with getting some rest, is there anything you are looking to work on?

Clemens: It's a chance for me to look at some things that I did personally. I'll go back and look at the tapes and see fundamental things that I need to work on from an individual standpoint. I'll spend two or three weeks doing that, and keep your conditioning up in the weight room.

Q)What was your biggest improvement this offseason?

Clemens: The biggest thing I think is from an "x's and o's" standpoint. Protections, the running game, there's a lot of onus on the quarterback and it's easy with the group of guys we have up front. Those guys, they make it easy. That's one of the areas where I've tried to really get better because you don't want to waste plays. If you get something defensively that you don't like, then you can check out and get them to something you are (satisfied with).

Q)Does this kind of QB competition cause anxiety?

Clemens: No, if you have anxiety or anxiousness, that's going to tire you out.

Q)It seems like you go from one QB competition to another . . .

Clemens: It's always changing. What is longevity and what is security? It's a very fluid industry. You're always competing against somebody.

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