Question Session - Bart Scott

Q)What do you think of the all trash talk going on inside the division?

Scott: The game isn't played on paper. The game is played on the field. We are going to have the opportunity to line up and compete. We are not going to submit to anybody. We are not going to bow down for anybody and we are not afraid to compete against anybody.

Q)Do you think this is going to be a nasty defense?

Scott: You can't really determine that until you put the pads on. That is why I am excited. You always have guys that come out of nowhere that have dog in them that you didn't know had dog in them. Once they have that then Rex Ryan will find a role for him.

Q)Is it a little early for this defense to truly have a reputation yet?

Scott: Your reputation is earned and we haven't earned anything. All we do is run around fast in shorts.

Q)How close are the guys to truly getting what Rex wants them to do?

Scott: He (Coach Ryan) knows what it looks like, he knows what it doesn't look like so if we're not doing what he wants or likes, I'm sure he will start everything over until he gets what he wants. What he wants is like second nature to guys that have been playing at that tempo.

We put a lot of attention on stopping people from scoring points, which I think is a little bit more difficult to do because the rules are predicated and made to put points on the board for the offense.

Q)What was your take on Rex's strong words for the Patriots and Channing Crowder?

Scott: He can say anything and I'm going to ride with him. That's my man. I don't care what he says and likewise. Realistically, you're a family, right or wrong. It's up to us to support it.

Q)What are your goals this year?

Scott: Main goal is to win the Super Bowl. That first goal starts with a bunch of little goals. First I have to establish becoming more of a leader on this team. Secondly, make sure that I have 100% effort all the time. Thirdly, I have to make sure that you learn your craft and master this system. Fourthly, try and pick some of the other guys up. How you measure yourself as a player is your ability to make others around you better.

Q)Do you think that team is ready for camp?

Scott: I think we are. There's still a lot of work to do. You got to get ready to deal with this heat, so you have to go train in heat. You get your body used to it and we're all professionals. We'll all get ready to go have a great season.

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