A conversation with Wallace Wright

Q)Do you think you can compete for some playing time at wide receiver this year?

Wright: All I want is an opportunity. Once I get my opportunity and I make the most of it, the opportunities will keep coming. That is what happened at minicamp. I made some plays the first practice and they (the opportunities) kept coming. When the ball is thrown to you – catch it, make the best of your opportunity.

Q)You seem to have developed a nice chemistry with Mark Sanchez?

Wright: We were both second team. We talk before every practice that we need to get this thing going. If he is on, he is on. You can't help but catch the ball, it is right there.

Q)The team seems to have some very good chemistry . . .

Wright: It is all about Coach Ryan. He talks about having fun when you are out there on the field. When you score a touchdown – celebrate. It can't be so robotic and dry at practice. You want to make it fun. If you're not having fun, what are you playing football for? That is the kind of mentality he has brought to this team.

Q)Does the coaches attitude trickle down to the team?

Wright: I think when you have a coach that jumps around and wants to have fun the atmosphere is not so dry. Eric Mangini is a great coach. He gave me a chance to play.

If you make a mistake, don't make any more and keep on playing. That is the thing he has brought to the table, a more fun atmosphere.

Q)Is it insulting to you guys that people keep saying the team needs to get a receiver?

Wright: Everybody has been saying that you need a receiver. And who is going to step in as Laveranues' (Coles) replacement? Everybody's name has been mentioned and my name has not been mentioned much. This is year four for me coming up and I take it personally that my name has not been mentioned to get into that rotation of getting the starting role. I go out there with a chip on my shoulder and just perform.

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