Remember one thing -writers back writers

While we don't cover the Mets on this website, we find this Omar Minaya-Adam Rubin fued compelling.

Minaya, the Mets GM, accused Rubin, who covers the team for the New York Daily News, of attempting to get executive Tony Bernazard fired because he wanted his job.

Minaya said this during a press conference on Monday announcing the firing of Bernazard.

Rubin denied this, but if the writer was attempting to get a job with the team's personnel department, while blasting Bernazard in the paper, that sounds like a conflict of interest.

Is this true? We might never know for sure. Only Rubin, Minaya and perhaps some other people in the Mets front office know if Rubin asked for a job with the team.

But one thing we can say for sure - reporters are all going to back Rubin in this mess. So take all the stories you read today, and all the television analysis, with a grain of salt.

Reporters almost always support reporters, even if they are wrong.

Reporters get into their "how dare they speak to a reporter that way" mode.

And I'm sure we are going to get fair coverage on "Daily News Live." Give me a break.

We aren't taking sides in this one, just asking for some balance.

Reporters need to be neutral - even when they are covering their own.

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