Gholston named starter for first four games

SUNY Cortland - With Calvin Pace out the first four games of the regular season due to a substance suspension, Rex Ryan announced on Sunday that Vernon Gholston will start those contests, no matter what he does in camp.

"He's going to be the starter for the first four games for sure and we'll evaluate him after those games," said Ryan.

Why would Ryan name him the starter when camp is only three days old, and Gholston has had a quiet camp so far?

"He's a big, physical guy that has all the tools," said Ryan. "We've just got to give him an opportunity. That's our job as coaches. What merited it when we made (Baltimore Ravens nose tackle) Haloti Ngata the starter in Baltimore? Because of what we saw on college tape. How we project him is why he's the starter. We did the same thing with Haloti and I think that worked out pretty for us as well."

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