Sanchez getting antsy

During Mark Sanchez press briefing on Monday, it was quite apparent he is clearly getting tired of running with the second team.

Q)Where are you at right now with your development?

Sanchez: I'm running with the twos right now, so I'm doing the very best I can with that. Whenever I get the opportunities, I'm just trying to make plays. It's tough.

Q)How comfortable are you with the playbook?

Sanchez: I'm feeling a lot more comfortable everyday. I'm studying. I'm drawing up my plays and it's really showing on the field. With limited reps you've got to take what you can when you get your reps and make them valuable.

Q)When are you going to take reps with the first team?

Sanchez: I have no clue. That's up to Schotty. Whenever you're called. So hopefully that happens.

Q)When you do run with the ones, how is your comfort level?

Sanchez: I feel great. You get in there with Nick (Mangold) and (Alan) Faneca and Brick (D'Brickashaw Ferguson) and (Damien) Woody and Brandon Moore. You have a real comfort level. You get guys like Stuck (Chansi Stuckey) and J. Co (Jerricho Cotchery) and they just know exactly what they're doing. They kind of bail you out sometimes. I want to get that chemistry with them, so I need those reps. As soon as that happens there's going to be a good chance to make a move and it helps when you have all those tools.

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