Ainge not a consideration

Cortland - We all know that Mark Sanchez is going to be the Jets franchise quarterback, but until he's ready, the Jets might need a stopgap signal-caller.

Early in camp, Erik Ainge has displayed better pocket presence and field vision than Kellen Clemens, but not matter what he does, Rex Ryan will not consider him for the stopgap job.

"I think that (Erik) Ainge is doing pretty decent," said Ryan. "He's running with the threes and he knows the offense. But again, it's just something that we've determined. It's hard to give three guys a chance. Let's just go ahead and let those two battle it out for that spot and let Erik battle it out for the third spot."

So even if Ainge performs better than Clemens this summer, he has no chance to compete for the "hold the fort" QB job?

"I'm not going to say that is not a possibility but the competition (is between those two guys)," said Ryan.

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