Lupica claims Favre helped Jets sell PSL's

New York Daily News sports/political columnist Mike Lupica claims that the Jets signing of Brett Favre last year helped them sell PSL's.

"When the Jets traded for Favre, they were desperate to be relevant again and desperate to sell some PSL's," wrote Lupica in Sunday's Daily News. "He helped them do both."

Really, show us the evidence.

We aren't sure what it means to make a team "relevant." The Jets were sold out on a season ticket basis before he got there. Maybe he made them relevant to front-runners.

As for them selling PSL's, we would like to see Lupica's research data on this. Why would a fan by a PSL for a new stadium because of Favre, when Favre isn't going to be on the team when the new stadium opens in 2010?

Neither of Lupica's theories make much sense.

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