Boomer on Mangini

Boomer Esiason had some real candid words in the Akron Beacon Journal about Eric Mangini, now the coach of Cleveland Browns -

''Everything is buttoned up there, everybody's afraid of everybody else. Eric Mangini and his mental gymnastics thinks he's going to build this team, they're all going to be fighting for one. His zeal to keep everything in-house, he creates an air of insecurity. Guys are afraid to become who they are.

''So how does that play into the quarterback? When the quarterback gets on the field, is he a risk-taker? Is he afraid to throw an interception? Is he afraid that his coach is going to rip him behind closed doors? Can you imagine somebody treating Dan Marino like that? John Elway? Joe Montana?

''I don't think he's a bad guy. I think he knows football. But all these little Belichickites are thinking they're Belichick and trying to [run] the team the way Belichick runs it. Belichick gets away with it because he has the credibility. And he has the credibility because he was given a great player in Tom Brady who gave him Super Bowls.''

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