Interview with Terry Bradway, Part I

The Jets' GM spoke to the New York media about the 2002 season, and addressed the many offseason issues the team faces. Check out part I of the two-part interview.

Q) Can you talk about the season and whether it was a success or not?


Bradway: Oh I think this season was definitely a success. The way our team rebounded from where they were. I think it says a lot about the character of this team to be able to do what we did. And for us to win only the second division title in 32 years here is a great accomplishment. And Herm let the team know that after the game. Obviously we were disappointed in what happened in the game, and we'll learn from that experience. For a lot of the guys it was their first time going through a big game like that, on the road, playoff game. But we have to find a way to get that done next year and take another step. Since the three years that Woody's owned this team We were a top 16 in 2000, top 12 in 2001, and we're a top eight this year, so we're taking things in the right direction and we'll continue to build upon that.


Q) Do you think it's beneficial to the team make as many changes in the offseason this year as last year, and what are your plans for this offseason?


Bradway: Our schedule is this: next week we're going to get a chance to visit with the coaches, the offensive coaches, the defensive coaches, on Tuesday and Wednesday. We're also going to sit down with Dave Price, Kevin Winston and John Lott on Monday, with Herm and Mike Tannenbaum. So we're going to have a good idea coming out of those meetings, what our coaches think. And then Herm, Mike, and I will sit down and have a cap meeting the following Tuesday, just to kind of give you an idea. I know everyone wants all the answers right now, but we really don't have any answers to give regarding personnel. They'll be a lot of speculation. We've got some unrestricted free agents, we've got some restricted free agents. But I'll say this, last year we made a lot of changes, specifically on defense. Our goal this year will be to try and keep most of the starters together, the core of this team together, and then fill it in with some backup players.


Q) Terry, did you get a chance to talk to Chad, and what did you say to him after the game?


Bradway: Well, I told him how proud I was of him. I think what he accomplished this year…yesterday was a tough day, and every quarterback in this league has tough days. And it's not just the quarterback, it's the entire team. But I think Chad, even more than a lot of people I know, will take this experience and learn from it. To me, it's going to end up in the long run being a positive. I just hope he doesn't watch this game more than a few times, which I know he will, and beat himself up. But he had a great season for us, and looking into next season, I'm very encouraged about what he's going to do for this football team.


Q) Can you give us an idea of what you'll do with Randy Thomas?


Bradway: It's too early for me to comment on any of that. Our stance with Randy, as well as with our other guys is, we like Randy Thomas. He's a good player in this league and we'd like to keep him. Randy's got to have options and hopefully it will be best for both situations for him to stay here. We're going to make an offer to these people and in the past we have and some guys have left, and some guys have stayed. But our goal will be to try and keep this team together as best as we can.


Q) How badly would you want Vinny to be Chad's backup again next season?


Bradway: We are anticipating that Vinny will be Chad's backup, and I think he has indicated that he'd like to do that also. He feels very comfortable with the situation, comfortable about being here and he really wants to help us win.


Q) You made a lot of personnel changes in the offseason. Would it help more this year not to make so many changes?


Bradway: Well I think it would help from a consistency standpoint. And the other thing is, it's going to be important for us next year to do everything we can to get off to a better start. I think the last two years we were 3-3 one year, we were 2-5 this year, and whatever we need to do to try and address that, we're going to try and do. That way, at least you get yourself in position where you are playing a game or two at home in the playoffs. I don't mean to get ahead of myself, but we've been here for two years and we've made the playoffs for two years. We consider that every year we want to do whatever it takes to make the playoffs. There maybe some talk beyond that, but we're not going to do that. That's for everybody else to do. But I think the fact that this team made the progress they did this year, showed that they can come back, showed a lot of character, and the majority of this team should stay in tact and give it another shot next year.

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