Marshall Faulk on Leon Washington

Here is what Marshall Faulk of the NFL Network had to say about Jets RB Leon Washington -

"If you meet him, you'll remember the kid. He has a smile on his face. He loves and enjoys football. You can tell that he is excited. He understands about the opportunity he has of playing in the NFL.

"There are not many players in this league, especially playing running back that when you put the ball in their hands, something good is going to happen. I've been watching Leon since he was wearing No. 3 at Florida State and I thought the guy had a knack when the football was in his hands, he was going to make a play. I call it the Barry Sanders' effect. Whenever they handed the ball to Barry, you knew something good was going to happen. Even if it was a two yard game, it was the best two yard game you ever seen. Leon has a lot of that in him. He is learning how to run in between the tackles in the NFL."

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