Harrison rips Rex Ryan

NBC's Rodney Harrison thinks Rex Ryan made a mistake by taking on Bill Belichick in the media. Here is what the former safety had to stay. Ryan said he wouldn't kiss Belichick's Super Bowl rings -

"When people make comments like that towards individual coaches or players, everyone takes offense," said Harrison, who now works for the NBC NFL studio shows. "I don't care what anyone says, you keep that quote in your mind and you put it up on a bulletin board.

"I don't think that is going to make Belichick even more mad at him or make him hate the Jets more or for them to play harder, but the point of emphasis will be on that. He's absolutely right that he shouldn't go in there kissing Bill Belichick's rings or anything like that, but I thought that was understood and really doesn't need to be said out in public."

Whether you like Harrison or not, this seems like a great hire by NBC. He seems like a rare former player in broadcasting who is willing to truly speak his mind.

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