Interview with Terry Bradway, part II

The Jets' GM spoke to the New York media about the 2002 season, and addressed the many offseason issues the team faces. Check out part II of the two-part interview.

Q) Terry, is there a different optimism on a team where you know you have a quarterback that could be a star for the next 10-12 years?


Bradway: I think so. I think too, with some of the young skill players we have around him, that keep those together, Laveranues is another one we've got to address, but obviously we want him to be year. But we do feel good about that. I think the entire football team should feel good about that, on the offensive side of the ball in particular.


Q) In the past, the league has changed the schedule when there has been a string of games at one sight. Have you talked to anybody in the league about the next Oakland game next year? Do you want to do anything about that?


Bradway: No. When I was in Kansas City it seemed like we played Pittsburgh in Kansas City every year. We just have to figure out a way to go out and beat them out there.


Q) What do you have to do to get a better start early in the season next year?


Bradway: Well I think one of the things that we may have underestimated a little bit this year was the standpoint of the six new starters on defense and maybe it was going to take a little bit of time for them to gel. I think, I don't have the exact numbers on this, but if you look at the last nine games we would be in the upper echelon with some of the defenses in the league. And early on we had some missed assignments and missed tackles and things like that where guys were really not in the best position they could be in to make those tackles. So maybe that's one thing. By keeping the core of the team together that we will get better. But we're going to address the offseason, our coaching sessions and mini camp, and take a look at what we can do to get better.


Q) Would it be safe to say that there won't be quite as much change, or is that too blanket a statement?


Bradway: There may not be as radical a change. I think every team in the league right now with free agency, you're always going to have anywhere between 12 and 15 new players on the roster, whether they be starters or backups. But again, I think if we can keep the majority of the starters together then we got a good chance.


Q) Do you anticipate any coaching changes?


Bradway: No. Not to speak of. Again, Herm is going to get a chance to visit with his staff next week and on Wednesday with the coordinators in particular, and then at that point in time we'll be able to set the plan. We are losing Eric Price to Alabama. He's going to be the offensive coordinator for his dad. It's a great opportunity for him, to go down and coach with his father. He did a great job for us for two years. He was very helpful in Chad's development, but he's ready to run his own show.


Q) What did this season do for you?


Bradway: I guess it all made us stronger. That's what they told us anyway, when we were going through the tough times. But I think everybody had a chance to see who Herm was. I knew in my mind how he was going to react when things didn't go quite well, but I'm not sure everybody else did. And until you go through it, you just don't know. He didn't panic. He stayed with the plan. He trusted the people around him, and the players and coaches responded to him. It was a great job on his part to get this thing turned around because it could have easily gone the other way , as it happened in other cases.


Q) Do you think the Oakland game is going to set Chad back in any way?


Bradway: No. I think if anything it's a positive for Chad. He's been able to do that. He's been able to take things that haven't gone quite well and make them right. And I think the same thing here. I don't have any question about that.

Bradway: And that's going to happen to any quarterback. The greatest ones. Brett Favre, it's happened to him. No question about it. To the extent he got punched yesterday, and he didn't back down one bit. He hung in there and played to the end. Again, you're not always going to play the perfect game, you know that. And at that point in time, maybe you need some help around you and some guys to step up and make some plays, which didn't really happen yesterday. But there's no doubt in my mind that this will be a positive experience for the future for Chad.


Q) Were the players looking for Chad during the game?


Bradway: It's hard to say. I know they had a lot of confidence in him and I know they were looking toward him in the game. But we were just a little off yesterday and that's football. There's going to be times like that when things don't go quite right, and when it does go quite right, it makes it all the better.

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