Interview with Aaron Beasley, part I

The Jets' cornerback had a tumultuous first season in New York. He spoke to the New York media at season's end and addressed several issues in this three part interview.

Q) Can you sum up the journey you and Donnie have been on as corners on this team?


Beasley: I think it was a little easier for Donnie, because Donnie was already in a similar system. But we stuck together because we knew that eventually, we'd come out of it right. It took time coming to a whole new team, and a whole new city. And both of us coming from small market teams, and to see this media is kind of overwhelming at first. But you just have to accept it for what it is and do your job.


Q) Was there a low point for you?


Beasley: I lost a little confidence, probably after the Kansas City game. I had to start watching film to see what was going on. But I finally figured it out, and Coach Bradley helped me a lot too. He stuck with me the whole time and he kept telling me he believes in me and he knows what kind of corner I am. I definitely have to give a lot of credit to Coach Bradley because, without him, I'd probably still be in my rut. But he let me know why he brought me in here and that kind of helped me too because it made me realize that, if he had the confidence in me, that I should have it in myself.


Q) How key was the veteran leadership in this team not quitting at 2-5?


Beasley: I think it's key because we could have folded early in the season, when we were 1-4 and 2-5. We never quit. We just stayed with each other in the locker room and made sure each other came to work and practiced hard. Like Herm said, you play to win.



Q) What are your thoughts on that famous Herm quote, "hello, you play to win the game?"


Beasley: Well, we were losing, and I guess someone must have brought the question to him about whether we would quit, or something like that. I can speak for the guys in the secondary. There's was no quitting from any of the guys in the secondary. It's like what he said is definitely true. You play any sport to win. I play chess to win. I play video games to win. It's just that competitive nature that's not going to let anyone quit.


Q) What's your reaction to it now that you've seen it for the hundredth time?


Beasley: Oh I laugh now. But I knew exactly what he meant. But it's funny now because we ended up playing to that level that he expected us to play, and now we're winning.

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