Interview with Aaron Beasley, part II

Check out part two of the three-part interview with cornerback Aaron Beasley.

Q) Are you back to playing the best that you were in Jacksonville?


Beasley: I feel like I'm back in Jacksonville. I don't feel like I'm back in Jacksonville (laughs), but I feel like I'm playing at that level. It's because of the confidence. That is definitely the key, and also getting pressure on the quarterback.  We weren't getting any pressure on the quarterback and I wasn't making any plays. But now the pressure is coming on the quarterback, and it gives a chance for the defensive backs to make plays.


Q) So defensive line pressure is the key to secondary success.


Beasley: That's the key to every game. If the front four can do it with just four men, that helps a lot because they send five receivers out on almost every play. [We just need] those guys to get in his face, it doesn't have to be sacks.


Q) Can you give an example of the habits that you had to get out of when you came here?


Beasley: I can go to the Jacksonville game. I basically knew their offense and I tried to guess. I tried to take Jimmy (Smith) and the next thing I know, the tight end is coming all the way across to the flat. I saw that play and I'm like, ‘I got to get out of that guessing stuff and just play my technique.' You go out there and try to do too much, and you don't do nothing. I think the main thing is to believe in the technique that Bill and Ted and Herm coach.


Q) What were you tendencies to play more man-to-man instead of zone?


Beasley: We played a different Cover Two in Jacksonville.  I was so used to playing that. I was trying to do too much and make plays. I would see a certain formation and jump a route. We don't do that here.


Q) How big of a problem was it that you couldn't break your old instincts?


Beasley: It's not good when they are about to bench you. When someone is about to take your job, you better get it right.


Q) What was that week like for you when there was speculation you might get benched?


Beasley: I've come from a lot of adversity in my life, and I've always made it out of it somehow. I guess I'm better off when my back is against the wall. I guess like this team. For me, the pressure put me in a better situation because then I knew I had to perform a lot better.



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