Interview with Aaron Beasley, part III

Check out the final part of the interview with Jets cornerback Aaron Beasley

Q)You are considered a heady player. Were you surprised at how long it took you to get comfortable?


Beasley: I definitely thought it would come a lot quicker. A lot of guys came in here and thought they would play the way they played. For myself, I just had to let time take it's toll. I had to learn and get the reps and form the habits that are Jets football.


Q)You stopped talking to the media early in the season. Were you made about something?


Beasley: I wasn't mad at the media. I was just trying to get into my own zone, so I could get focused on my job. Reading the newspaper was a distraction. I would put negative thoughts in my mind. I just wanted to get into the film and see my habits and see what I was doing wrong. I wasn't mad at the media, I just had to get my back (in a groove).

I didn't feel I had the right to talk to anybody, negative or positive. I wanted my play to step up before anything


Q) How important is it to have a short memory as a defensive back?


Beasley: My memory has gotten shorter. That's what you have to have as a defensive back in this level. Because like I said, they're going to make plays, they're going to catch balls. Every play you have to be 100 percent sure of yourself and 100 percent focused.


Q)There is so much trash-talking going on these days. Do you engage in this?


Beasley: A lot of guys want to go into that old college mode of trash-talking. As you get older you get smarter and saving energy is most important.


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