Dan interviews Alain about Dolphins offense

1)Was Chad Henne really good last week or Buffalo was really bad and banged up?

Alain - Henne was good against Buffalo, but more than that he was efficient. He didn't need to do a whole lot other than not mess up, and that's what he was able to accomplish. The reason the Dolphins won by 28 points was because they rushed for 250 yards and on defense had three interceptions (including a pick-six) and six sacks, but Henne did nothing to hurt Miami. In that sense, he did a good job.

2)Does Miami have a #1 receiver?

Alain - No, no and no. There was a lot of talk in the offseason that Ted Ginn Jr. was ready for a breakthrough because he had improved his route running and because he was entering his third season (when a lot of receivers make a big jump). But the truth is Ginn pretty much is the same receiver he was in his first two seasons, which is to say he's got great straight-ahead speed but little savvy and no toughness. The two best receivers on the team easily are Davone Bess and Greg Camarillo, but neither is No. 1 material (Bess is too short and too slow, and Camarillo is too slow). This was an area the Dolphins neglected to address in the offseason and it might wind up costing him too much.

3)Do you think Pennington will ever play again and do you think he would ever come back to the Dolphins as a backup?

Alain - Those are two very good questions. Pennington sure sounded before he had surgery that he wanted to play again, and word is the damage found wasn't that terrible. So my guess is that, yes, he would try to play again. I also think he's got the type of team-first mentality that would allow him to come back to the Dolphins as a backup. In the year-plus Pennington has been in Miami, he's never struck me as a big-ego guy who needs to be The Man. So I certainly wouldn't close the door on a return to Miami, although he might have better offers (financially and in terms of playing time) elsewhere.

4)What's the latest on the Wildcat - are teams doing a better job on it this year after getting more time to study it?

Alain - The Dolphins are averaging 183.5 yards rushing and leading the NFL in that department, so you have your answer right there. Nobody has stopped the Wildcat this season, although it must be pointed out the Dolphins haven't faced a great rushing defense yet. Still, the Wildcat is operating very well so far this season with Ronnie Brown taking the snaps. Pat White was tried a couple of times, but that went nowhere. The only thing the Dolphins haven't done out of the Wildcat so far this season is throw the ball, and the feeling is that it's only a matter of time before we see that.

5)What is your assessment of the offensive line?

Alain - Well, it sure is a highly paid group, with four of the five guys getting big money over the last two years. I would say the offensive line clearly is in upper half of the league and might even be a top 10 group. But I wouldn't put it among the best units in the league. It's also coming off a game where it allowed Henne to be sacked six times. Still, the Dolphins do lead the league in rushing, so the O-line is doing something right.

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